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ilula“I arrived at Ilula Lutheran Hospital on August 12, 2006, excited to meet Kikoti, the administrator. I was going to spend the whole day with him, getting a first-hand view of the challenges of being an administrator in a small, rural, mission hospital in Tanzania….” This visit and the challenges witnessed led Global Health Ministries to launch a new program – Global Health Administration Partners. We will work with each hospital to solve its administrative challenges by training local administrators, suggesting new ways for the hospitals to make money and recommending more effective leadership models.

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camaroonGHAP has been working with the Health System of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Cameroon (OSEELC) since 2008. The work has helped the flagship hospital, Ngaoundere Protestant Hospital, move from a monthly income of 28,000,000 CFA to 96,000,000 CFA. We have consulted on governance, financial management and materials management issues.

Beginning the work in Cameroon
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2015 GHAP Consultation*** NEW***
 GHM in Cameroon
Cameroon Health Development Program


hospitalIn 2012, GHAP started working with DASSC, the organizing body for the health services provided by the Lutheran Church in Ethiopia. Our second consultation will occur in 2015, focusing on maangement team training.

Making a Difference in Ethiopia
GHAP Journey to Aira Hospital
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GHM in Ethiopia

Ghana: ***NEW***

A GHAP consultation team will visit the Baptist Medical Center in Nalerigu in 2015; with the primary focus of working on their financial management and reporting.


GHAP consultants have consulted with 2 hospitals in India. In one location, the hospital restructured its governance and leadership. In the second location, GHAP consultants recommended clarification of governance.

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GHM in India

Liberia:Ebola case map

GHAP had an initial consultation planned with the Christian Healthcare Association of Liberia in 2014. Unfortunately the Ebola outbreak forced the postponement of that consultation. The Ebola situation has much improved, but remains a risk in mid-2015. Please pray for the people of Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Guinea as they try to contain this deadly virus. The map at right is from Sept 2, 2015. In that report, there have been no new cases in Liberia since the week of July 12. There was one new case in Sierre Leone and 2 in Guinea. As of Sept 2, 2015, 4,806 people have died from confirmed, probable or suspected cases of Ebola in Liberia.

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The Ebola Epidemic in Liberia (slide deck presented at GHM 2014 Conference by Dr Paul Mertens)
GHM in Liberia
Transcript Ebola Dr Fallah and Relief Groups


madagascarSALFA, the health system of the Malagasy Lutheran Church, invited GHAP to reassess their situation in 2011 after completing actions on recommendations made in 2009. GHAP consultants saw much improvement in the leadership, staffing levels and financial responsibility. This has launched renewed consultation efforts to improve governance and pharmacy management and coordination with GHM's AVIA project.

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Babies, Boards, and Buildings
Delivering More than Medicine
Carrico video
GHM in Madagascar
GHM's AVIA program


Global Health Ministries (GHM) has a long-standing partnership with the Lutheran Church in Christ of Nigeria (LCCN) in Adamawa State, Nigeria. The project  encompasses community based primary health care, malaria prevention, clean water and capacity building. GHAP consultants arrived to consult more extensively with the LCCN health board and management team in January of 2015 on issues of leadership and financial management.

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January 2014 video
GHM in Nigeria
Bob's Personal Journal


GHAP has been working in Tanzania since 2008, currently in 4 different Dioceses of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Tanzania (ELCT). We've mentored leaders, taught Community Health Workers and connected them with local health institutions, and we've assessed the clinical care, management and physical structures of dispensaries to prioritize improvements. In 2016 we will also launch a strategic planning project and mangement team training.
Early Work in TanzaniaLearning Fetascope Use
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Challenges for Tanzanians
Praying for Help in Same, Tanzania
CHAP is Underway in Same
**NEW** CHAP Update 2015
Mama Maria's Story (video of CHAP)
CHAP in Tanzania villages
 GHM in Tanzania

***NEW For 2016:
Ndolage Hosptial Strategic Planning in the North Western Diocese
Dispensary Assessment in the Central Diocese